Our Approach

Our Mission

To provide personalized portfolio management services to individuals, families, endowments, corporations, and retirement plans. At Miramar Capital, we are seasoned investment professionals who construct and manage investment strategies custom tailored to our clients’ unique financial goals.

We work closely with our clients as their “personal CFO”, providing the highest level of quality service to help them meet their long-term goals and objectives. Our success is defined by two key factors: helping our clients achieve their financial goals, and developing a trusted relationship in which our clients gain the peace of mind and confidence in knowing their investments are being professionally managed.

Investment Philosophy

At Miramar Capital, we believe that financial wealth is best maintained and enhanced through the development of a comprehensive plan and investment portfolio with the appropriate asset allocation. We manage portfolios on a total return basis, with an emphasis on growing cash flow in the form of dividends. We view the companies we invest in as true partners in their businesses, not as pieces of paper to trade.


Miramar Capital, LLC is an independent, privately held SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. As fiduciaries, we have a fundamental obligation to provide suitable investment advice and always act in our clients’ best interests.


We empower our clients with comprehensive tools and robust technologies that create line-of-site visibility into their investments, providing them peace of mind.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions


Our success is measured by two major factors: how well we achieve our clients’ financial goals, and whether we instill the confidence needed for them to “sleep at night” knowing their investments are being professionally managed.

Lending &
Custodial Services

Our custodial relationships provide clients with access to the most highly competitive lending institutions. Additionally, they have the security of knowing that their assets are being custodied at the best known and trusted third party institutions.

Wealth Planning

We custom tailor financial plans to meet the individualized needs of our clients and provide them with on-demand access to their financial picture. Through our eMoney portal, our clients have one place to monitor account activity, track progress toward goals, evaluate spending and much more.